Thursday, October 29, 2020

October Update

Where we're at so far...

Wow, it's hard to believe October is already over! These past few months have felt to both fly by and last ages at the same time, but it's all good. This last month has left me pretty tired, but that typically happens to me towards the tail end of each Fall Semester by combinations of strings of long days and the changing weather. Our ministry is still in full swing and we're constantly meeting new students on campus that are eager to engage in new friendships with others. In addition, our small groups are still meeting together and  I've personally seen God changing hearts and minds to look more like that of Jesus which is super exciting. Even though we haven't been able to partake in many big events, I've been learning the significance of one on one discipleship and being faithful with what God has given me.

The Team

Pictured here is our "Corefa Team," or you can just say small group leader team. All the guy student leaders meet each week to discuss how our small groups are going and to have spiritual discussions. The meetings are lead by our senior staff in which the girls also meet each week but we find it more efficient to split into guys and girls to talk about things that are more geared to either gender. Altogether, we have 7 guy students leaders and 4 staff guys.

Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference

This last weekend, our guys met together outside and watched a live-streamed leadership conference that our church put together. This was to encourage and foster leadership among our team and we invited people in our small groups to come that we thought would benefit from hearing about it themselves. In it, we heard from pastors and other leaders in the community about how to lead well and what steps we could take to get there.


Something new that I've tried is sitting down with a sign that invites people to come talk to me about whatever they want! I've found this to be a great tool in drawing in those that are looking for someone to talk to and takes away some of the burden of seeking out people myself because that can be tiring after hours of doing so. My favorite conversation so far has been with a Muslim girl that initially asked me about what I thought about Trump to which we talked about religion. By the end of our short conversation I had brought up the idea that Jesus would love unconditionally to which she agreed. It's moments like these that encourage me to keep up to good fight and run the race of faith.

Zoom Meeting with Ian Provan

One really cool opportunity we had was to meet with Ian Provan, a lecturer and Seminarian professor at Regent College in Canada who provided a lot of the material we covered in our Old Testament class that we finished last week. He is very kind and had thoughtful responses to questions that we had from taking our Old Testament class. Ian has taught for a while and the privilege to meet with him was an invaluable experience.

What I've been learning

One thing I enjoyed reading was the ending of one of our class books. My favorite part comes from pg.145 of "More Ready than you Realize." “But Jesus did not call us to a parking lot; he invited us on an adventure, an odyssey, a journey that will never end.”

One interesting thing that Ian said on our Q&A with him was after I had asked him why God would regret making Saul of the Old Testament (see 1 Sam 15:11). Ian had basically said that it was tough to say and that there are things we just can't understand from a human POV. However, it is safe to say that God has allowed us freedom to choose what to do on our own that God chooses not to be in control of. Sure, an all knowing God must know the workings of creation, and we as a people are within that sphere and yet God has given us control to choose for ourselves at the same time.

Please pray for our students to continually grow closer to the Lord and for all the students on campus to be reached out to and that they would find true friendship

Student Testimony

Friday, October 2, 2020

September Update

Grace, Growth and Challenges

Wow, what a gushing fountain of experiences I've had so far. I thought that August was jam packed with excitement, but how much more it has been in September! It's funny, the more ministry I do, the more I'm learning not about just the Bible but about myself. I've learned how selfish I can be and how ungraceful I can be towards others. God has been patient with me for so long that I wonder if I could ever return the favor, of course not! It's grace that I get to do what I do and nothing else, praise God! Through taking many classes at our church, meeting with my pastoral supervisor, and meeting students on campus, I'm reminded that if I do all things right without love, then it's meaningless.
(1 Corinthians 13:2)

April Update

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