Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August Update


August Update

Beginning ministry so far has been a blast! I've continued reading the Old Testament and taking classes with our pastoral ministry team and have loved every part of it. From learning material to asking questions I've developed a deeper desire to engage with scripture in ways I haven't before, however, this is only the half of it. While a good chunk of time is spent learning about God's Word, the rest is spent sharing that with others that I meet on campus! Pictured below are the small groups of students that I get time with this year. We meet outside of my apartment complex further apart from one another wearing masks if closer than 6ft. Should our groups get larger than 6 people, then we split the guys up into smaller groups ensuring that we don't take any unnecessary risks. I lead two guys groups on Tuesday and Thursday each week and we are constantly reaching out to new students on campus, so we expect to have new people coming throughout the year!

Tuesday Night Guys

Thursday Night Guys

Student Leaders
Pictured below are the guys that help me lead these groups, each of them has a good heart and loves people well. I couldn't be more blessed to lead with them!

This is Matthew Wilson (catch the reference on his phone) and he helps lead our Tuesday night small group. Matt is looking to transfer to UNT next year and likes art and design, maybe he can show me a thing or two!

And this is Alden! He's a super sweet and intentional guy that helps lead our Thursday night small group with me. Alden is a big outdoors guy and is direct and concise with what he has to say which I absolutely love!

Leader Training
We also have a great staff this year at Collin and before we started the school year, we met with our student leaders (pictured below and socially distant and outside) and went over expectations for the year and encouraged one another in being lights on campus as we reach out to students that are seeking friendship in a time that is hard for everyone.

Discipleship Classes

Below is another glimpse into what our discipleship classes look like at the church, again socially distant.

What I've been Learning

God has shown me that there is much depth to His Word and that I will always find myself learning something new about him. I've learned more of the importance of asking questions in class about things that scripture says that might not make sense. One cool aspect I was shown was the moment when Moses approaches the burning bush and is told by God to take off his shoes because that was Holy ground. I wondered why this random piece of ground was considered important when it was explained to me that just as some cultures ask that you take off your shoes before entering into someone's home as an act of respect, so is the same here. It's pieces like this that encourage and motivate me to ask questions more and seek God in times I am unsure of what I'm reading.

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