Friday, April 30, 2021

April Update

Spring is in full season! That means allergies...

The semester is coming to a close, yet there are still so many things happening! God has been continually at work despite my awareness of it, and that's a really good thing. It can be easy for me to check out early thinking things are almost done, but God has been diligent in pushing me on to finish the race. Here are some the things that God has done this last month :)


Our small group of guys has been super encouraging this year. Seeing them dive into the word and having
discussions about Jesus has been amazing. Pictured here are the guys watching a Bible Project video before discussing about scripture. If you are unfamiliar with the Bible Project, I'd highly recommend you check them out! They post videos on Youtube that capture really well what scripture is saying and what we can glean from it.


For those of you who don't remember, this is Pedro, my boss. Him and I have been getting weekly one on one time now for the last 9 months or so. He's been very instrumental in my faith journey thus far and he's a wonderful man of God. I'm going to miss seeing him consistently after this school year is over but will always consider him my brother.

Zoom Zoom Games

With all the crazy weather, we had one of our gatherings online on Zoom where we played Codenames, which is a pretty popular game that anyone can play. Every other Friday we meet outside to play games and interact as a community to which a little rain still can't stop us from meeting!

Teaching Time

I had the privilege of speaking to our students this last week for our last Deep Dive, which is a time staff and students get together to have teaching time and fellowship. I spoke over Galatians 2:19-21, which for the most part was convicting for myself as I talked on faith and works. A lot of the time I feel that I have to do more and be more productive to feel accomplished, but God doesn't just want us to work hard but to work alongside Him.

Pictured are the students from our Deep Dive, I sure am gonna miss these guys.

I'm Moving!

Remember how in an earlier blog I said I was getting married? Well it's happening. Clarissa and I have moved in most of our things into our new home in Denton so that we don't have to worry about doing that the week before/after the wedding, smart right? So, starting next week I will be an official Dentonite or whatever you may call it.

And here we are! We had our wedding shower the other weekend and now have a little more than a week until we tie tie the knot. Thank y'all for all your support this far in helping me serve God and people this school year, just more more month left :)

What I'm Learning

Like I mentioned above in my sermon, I've been convicted about how God views my works and how I'm viewed by God. All my life, I've grown to believe I need to achieve things to be loved, that I need to work hard to be successful, and where some of that may be true, it isn't the most important thing. What God has been showing and teaching me is that a life lived in servitude and humble obedience to Him is a life truly lived. It isn't a contest, it isn't a show, it's time spent alongside the Father as a good dad would want to spend time with his kid, and that's me, God's kid. If you're like me and not sure what this means for you, then I suggest you ask God yourself! I know he'd love to talk with you and spend time with you as well. I find that making time for God is where most of my struggle is, for I fill most of my time doing things rather than sitting at the Lord's feet.

Psalm 46:10
"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth"

Please pray for out students as they wrap up their semester and head into the summer, that they wouldn't coast out of community and God, but that they would make the most of every opportunity and finish well.

Student Testimony

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April Update

Spring is in full season! That means allergies... The semester is coming to a close, yet there are still so many things happening! God has b...