Wednesday, March 3, 2021

February Update

 A Chilly February

Wow, what a month! The last time I remember it snowing that much in February was back when I was in Elementary School. Nonetheless, we were still able to provide opportunities for students to be involved and relied more on our remote connectedness to help alleviate any boredom there was without power. God still showed us that we are equipped enough to handle situations like this and that He is still in full control.

Deep Dive

Pictured to the left was one of the in-person Deep Dives that we were still able to have the month. If you don't remember, Deep Dive is the hour we set aside each week to have students come and hear a message given by one of our campus ministers where they discuss about it afterwards in small groups. Don't worry, students meet outside while still wearing masks.

Zoom Games

Pictured to the right was one of the ways we kept student engagement over the snowstorm by having online games. It was a great turnout and it was clear to see that this was a great way for students and staff alike to have something fun to do while being stuck at home. We played a game called "Codenames." If you're unfamiliar I'd highly recommend it for your next game night.

Pizza Theology

Pictured to the left are students gathered outside for our Pizza Theology event. Just like Deep Dive (mentioned above), students gather on a Sunday evening to hear from a minister discussing a certain topic while also eating pizza. This time, our very own, Garrett Davis, spoke on how christians should view entertainment. This was a very impactful topic for many, and I still hear how people I know are trying to rethink how much time and energy should be spent watching tv/ time on social media and how they want to rest more purposefully. This was good for me as well! 

                                                                                    (Shoutout to the generous donor who supplied all the
                                                                                      students pizza)

Core (small group)

Something really encouraging lately has been our weekly small group time. Pictured here are the guys I get to see each week and we get to discuss things about ourselves and Jesus. It's so cool to meet up with these guys and see how God is actively at work in each of their lives. As the year goes on, I get to see them grow closer as friends and our group grow as we reach out and make new friends on our college campus. (The billboard in the background of the photo is also available in case you need to advertise)

Winter Lockdown Photos

I thought it would be fun to show how my roommates and I spent time during snowmageddon, so here you go! As annoying and tough it was at times, it was also pretty fun to experience things a little differently. We even played hide and seek with no power/lights!

We used candles to light the room and had an ultra powered flashlight to guide us through the darkness

Our Club room at the apartment may have been freezing cold, but it gave us a pool table to have some fun

What I've ben learning

These last few weeks, I've had plenty of time to read and reflect on books in our internship classes and on the Bible itself. I've been learning quite a good deal from the book, "Vulnerable Pastor," and how it related to me being busy and needing more time to surrender to God and be in His presence. I've learned I don't need to perform or fix everything and how fulfilling it is to surrender these worries and concerns to God. I've had a lot of anticipatory thoughts about the future in getting married and thinking about my career, but have found myself being okay with being in the "already but not yet," stage of life. This is to say that I am living in anticipation for things that are being established, but I need to be okay being okay with where I'm at currently. Praise God for all the help he's given to me so far.

Please pray for those in Texas that are still without clean water and those that are struggling financially.


Exciting news! Coming up this April 3rd, we're having an online performance from very talented people in our community to help raise money for our students to attend a leadership training retreat this coming August! Typically, we would have this fundraiser in person, but seeing we're not back to full speed yet with large events, it's going to be online. Hope to have y'all there.

Student Testimony

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